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Your Corporate Intranet —There Will Be an App For That.

Corporations spend thousands of dollars and hours on building, securing, nurturing and organizing their IT. Then, the future comes along and asks us to evolve our thinking. It’s almost unbearable, until our eyes flip open. We can see the dramatic shape the future holds for corporations and our venture into the freedom of mobility. As usage of mobile devices becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it will become increasingly...

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7 Steps to Organizing a Fundraising Campaign with SharePoint Online

Fundraising is all about teamwork, organization, and imagination. Ignite your team’s drive for communication and accomplishment by focusing some strategic energy on building an organized and efficient fundraising project site. Creating an Organized and Efficient Project Site 1 – Define the Audience Decide who needs to access the fundraising project site. Write down all the possible groups of people who may need access to all or...

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