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7 Steps to Organizing a Fundraising Campaign with SharePoint Online

Fundraising is all about teamwork, organization, and imagination. Ignite your team’s drive for communication and accomplishment by focusing some strategic energy on building an organized and efficient fundraising project site. Creating an Organized and Efficient Project Site 1 – Define the Audience Decide who needs to access the fundraising project site. Write down all the possible groups of people who may need access to all or...

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3 Ways Cloud Technology Helps Non-Profit

Non-profit organizations need to be efficient and effective managing donors, employees, and other stakeholders to succeed in bringing their vision to life. One of the realities of being a non-profit organization (especially in a tough economy) is facing some competition for funds with other non-profits to sustain critical programs. While there are no easy answers, cloud services can help your team in three ways: (1) expands IT role to...

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Key Considerations Before Moving to Exchange Online

Below is a repost of an answer that I posted on Quora…. more info can be found here Start with a trial, regardless of which scenario you fit into and then convert to a full subscription.  The trial gives complete full featured access to Exchange Online (Email), SharePoint Online (Document management and Info Sharing), LiveMeeting (Web Conferencing), and Communicator Online (Instant Messaging and Presence)...

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